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Willis Harold O'Brien (1886 - 1962) was tried around the turn of the century (around 1899 - 1910?) for murder after getting into a barroom brawl in Oregon. The locatino of the trial is unclear. His father, prominent wealthy Oakland attorney William O'Brien, represented him. I am looking for any information re the trial or other details of O'Brien's life. O'Brien is famous as the man who later in life created the King Kong ape for the King Kong movies. In 1933, his wife, then in Hollywood, shot and killed their children and tried without success to shoot and kill herself, as well. I am also looking for info re this incident. I would eb grateful for any help. The information will be used in a documentary film being made about O'Brien's life. Thank you. --Cathy

-- C E Cutler (, January 31, 2003


here is more info on him


حافظ الحديث مولانا درخواستي رحمه الله

"رہبانيۃ" ترك دنیا كہ دہشت گردی؟ محمد شیخ زندیق كے باطل افكار

خليفه اول خليفۂ رسول الله صلی اللہ عليہ وسلم بلا فصل

-- (Your@Email.Address), October 19, 2003.

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