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Hi, Just wondering if anyone can supply info on compression of MPEG1 VCD files. ie...if you have a clip thats 85-90 mins long or perhaps a few MB too long to fit on a single VCD..can these files be compressed to fit media restriction? Thanks

-- Mike Russ (, January 29, 2003


Hi...for VCD a Special Bitrate and Audiorate is needed to make a VideoCD. Mpeg1 Video 1150 Kbit/s and Audio 224 Bit/s. if your Mpeg1 is kompressed by a smaller bitrate to save space for more minutes, it will not work. so its not possible to burn a videoCD with more than 80 minutes. So ... you have to burn to VCDs and dived your Movie :)!


-- Andreas (, January 30, 2003.

Andreas is mostly correct. You do have 2 options here. The first is that you can drop the video bit rate to fit the movie on your CD-R. This violates VCD standards, but most players should play the disc anyway. You will have to burn it as a non-compliant VCD, sometimes called a XVCD. The second option is that you could burn to 90 or 99 minute CD-Rs. All burners don't support 99 minute CD-Rs, but the 90 minutes shouldn't be a problem. These discs do violate CD-R standards, so there are no guarantees that you will be able to burn them or play them back, but in my experience the 90 minute discs rarely pose problems. You will need a burning program that supports overburning to burn to these discs. Nero does this, so do other programs. No version of Adaptec EZ CD Creator supports this and the last I heard no version of Roxio (the successor to Adaptec) does either.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 30, 2003.

you can squeeze 1 hour and 20 minutes onto an ordinary 700mb cd. a good quality picture as well. try using software called moviejack. cheers jak

-- Just Me (, May 01, 2004.

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