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I have bought a Sharp SuperVCD player with dual disc drives 2 years back. Recently when I load in my VCD, the machine displayed "No disc" on its panel. Occasionally, the VCD runs smoothly. Sometimes, it is loaded successfully but cannot play. No message being displayed. I have bought a VCD cleaning kit which has a brush and solution. I used it on my player. The problem is being solved temporarily. "NO Disc" message reappeared again.

-- Henry (, January 29, 2003


Are you trying to play VCDs in your SVCD player? VCD (Video CD) is different from a SVCD(Super Video CD) - Different MPEG streams. I'm thinking that your Sharp SuperVCD player is a dedicated player for SVCDs only, and not VCDs. I could be wrong, but its possible.

Regards Dean Phillips SIM Solutions

-- Dean (, January 31, 2003.

hi i having a vc-d player its not worknig the display show for all disc no disc what is problem

-- rajeesh k (, October 19, 2003.

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