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I want to burn VCD (for my vcd player), I used for this WinOnCD 5, but I have problems. To burn a VCD, I need to convert avi format in mpg format. For this conversion I used Winoncd 5 or TMPGEnc soft, but after conversion I LOST the sound. I tried many times but steel I don`t have sound. And one more question. After I`ll solve the problem with sounds, is possible to insert a subtitle for this VCD? If anybody can help me, please contact me.

-- vali (e.vali@xnet.ro), January 28, 2003


Are you converting DivX? DivX often has 48 KHz audio, which can be a problem for a lot of programs. http://www.doom9.net has many audio conversion programs and guides on how to use them. Use TMPGenc for video conversion, something else like BeSweet for audio conversion, multiplex the results together for VCD and you should be OK.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 30, 2003.

Our method is the following:

(assuming your making your VCD from a current DVD, this goes for after ripping the movie to your hard disk)

1. Separate the audio from the video (DVD2AVI does this for you.)

2. Convert the sound to 44,100 using Easy Audio File Converter)

3. Load the .d2v left by DVD2AVI into the Video field of TMPGEnc, and the audio file into the audio field.

4. Encode first the video and audio after (done separately). The video should have the characteristics of the MPEG-1 VCD standard and should end with .mpv file extension - change the file extension to this yourself. The audio should be MPEG-1 VCD compliant and should end with .mpa file extension - change it yourself. I wouldn't use the built in Video CD template that ships with TMPGEnc, as it doesn't make 100% compliant video.

5. Put the video stream and audio stream together using VCD Mux (ships with Philips VCD Toolkit).

6. Now your left with a 100% VCD 2.0 Compliant mpg movie complete with sound (the movie file will be .mmd file extension. This is so it can work with Philips VCD Toolkit 2.0, but it is a valid mpeg stream i.e if you change the file extension to .mpg to work with other apps such as Premiere, it'll work soundly)


Dean Phillips SIM Solutions

-- Dean (dean.phillips@4mymail.co.uk), February 01, 2003.

when l convert it to mp to go on my dvd player it ant got sound just a pitur

-- lisa (lisakingston2@ntlworld.com), November 01, 2003.

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