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I will like to make a go kart but i have not a idea on how i should start. may someone please HELP ME OUT i have only a old 50 or 100cc go kart engine at my home (see I cant even remember what kind of engine i have). SO please put me on to a internet web site that can teach me how to make my own go kart or someone send me a step-by-setp guide on how i should make a GO KART. Thank you

-- Jerome Gibbons (, January 26, 2003


have a 6hp engine and change the torque converter belt to a chain drive clutch system but does not move go kart and sparks comes out from clutch asembly

-- Robinson Pahinui (, February 03, 2003.

Jerome, if you don't weld or have a welder, then the plans are useless. I make go karts for my kids. First, I go to the scrap yard or landfill or junkyard. I make friends with someone there and offer them a small amount of cash to save me a cart frame if they see one come in. Then go to NorthernTools.comm and order the stuff your frame does'nt have. I did read something on the web about a guy that used to make go kart frames with threaded pipe. No welding here, but seems like you'd have to buy lots of threaded pipe and elbow joints. Have you thought of running and ad in your local paper for a free or cheap kart or frame?

-- Carl Young (, April 08, 2003.

i know get a frame, a engione, a weel..ext and put it alltogether... or get a model kit

-- mike ro (, July 02, 2004.

Can You Please Help Me Write Back As Soon As Possible

-- Germaine Nero (, July 27, 2004.

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