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Yahoo! I am so happy and proud to be A.M.E I just have to give a praise report. A few months ago I started a website for small and rural churches in our denomination s.a.r.c.u it is also open to other small churches of other denominations. For we as A.M.E's extend the love of Christ to all. We have a christian organization in India that runs an orphanage join our group. They asked if our church would write to the children. Our missionary president did and one little 8 year old boy wrote back that he is praying for us. He shared they live in a town where the Hindu's make their pilgrimage. So there are not a lot of Christians. And he likes the support from the A.M.E churc. Second praise report I got an email from a black firefighter who is moving to my town from austin texas, he found us through our church web site. And was thrilled to find an A.M.E church in Bozeman, Montana. We will help him find housing and feel comfortable. To all my A.M.E's it is your love for christ that reaches around the world. Be proud be A.M.E and thank you all for showing me how to be A.M.E I am following your example,

-- Anonymous, January 25, 2003

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