dcc wiring for athern locos

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I have some Athern locos that I want to put MRC ad315 decoders into.Is the wiring installation the same for the Athern loco if you use digitrax decoders or MRC decoders? I followed the digitrax instructions I found on your web site, but the Athern loco only goes in one direction when I test my loco on my Prodigy DCC system. The Prodigy DCC system seems to be functioning correctly. Did I wire something wrong so the loco only goes in one direction? Thanks.

-- tom alberto (tomalberto@yahoo.com), January 25, 2003


Did you remember to isolate the bottom of the motor from the chassis? There is a metal strip that needs to be covered with electrical tape.

-- Doug Fraser (dfraser1951@rogers.com), January 25, 2003.

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