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Many of you have asked how Louise is doing. It's about time I posted something about her.

Of course last year was a bad one for Louise, including her serious fracture in January and the death of her mother in July. We had a memorial service for her mother in the local Latvian church in November. Helen and my father's widow, Monika, were there.

One good thing happened late last year--the renovations of Louise's study were finally completed after more than a year. When they were first installed, Louise reacted to the finish or to the chemicals in the particle board. The desk, shelving, and doors were all taken out and rebuilt totally out of solid oak. Now Louise is in ecstasy--she loves her room.

Louise does exercise, mainly walking in the corridor outside our condo. It turns out the corridor is 25 metres long, the same as the Y pool I swim in, so Louise counts laps, just like I do. Louise has made wonderful recovery from the serious accident; we are seeing a surgeon in March to consider any further steps.

Last summer we took two trips to Kingston and Ottawa. Even though the weather was ferociously hot, we enjoyed watching sheep-dog trials in Kingston. In Ottawa, we visited Monika.

Louise has always wanted to knit and has just started a beginner's class. In addition she is continuing with a book group at the ROM that started last fall. Louise is definitely busy.

There is unfortunately bad news on the horizon. It looks as if the mitral valve in Louise's heart is leaking and this was confirmed by a recent echo-cardiogram. There will be further tests in the coming months and surgery looks likely. This isn't a pleasant prospect.

Although Louise doesn't herself post on the forum, she is an avid reader of the postings and looks forward to future postings and sends everyone best wishes for the new year.


-- Anonymous, January 24, 2003

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