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Louise and I had very enjoyable visits here over the holidays from Dana, Helen, and Cindy.

Dana is finishing her B.Sc. and has applied to a thousand graduate schools (for which I wrote all the reference letters of course). I'm confident she'll get into all of them.

Helen has completed her first term in the graduate clinical program at Windsor and is thriving, just as we all predicted she would. Louise especially enjoyed seeing Helen again.

Cindy is doing the pharmacology program at McGill and since that isn't challenging enough, she's now applying for a second graduate program (in medical anthropology) to start in the fall. I hope she writes on the forum what that's all about.

Then, just today, I was at York clearing out the cabinets in the old stats lab and ran into three former students. They just can't stay away.

I talked to Georgina, who was in the course a couple of years ago and was especially close to Debbie (now in Panama). Georgina is doing her thesis with Paul Kohn, as her last course for her degree.

I also talked to Zeenat and Deirdre, whom Helen got to know very well. Zeenat seems to be doing well continuing with her degree courses. Deirdre is in the graduate program in environmental studies, TAing a PSYC1010 course, and looking forward (apparently) to taking another stats course.

Finally, I didn't see her today, but Liz Del Signore left me an envelope with pictures from the famous party here at the condo and also, most precious, a picture I believe of me lecturing at the last class. Louise says she wants to frame it and hang it up here.

An exciting day for me. Now I'll see whether this message is too long to post.


-- Anonymous, January 24, 2003


Hi Everyone:

As my December 2002 posting remains in limbo I thought that I could provide several interesting side notes to Professor Herzberg's posting.

Georgina was one of my panellists for the panel discussion of York students with disabilities that I organized as part of my ISC with Dr. Israelite. Professor Kohn's thesis course is held at the very exact same time as Dr. Israelite's undergraduate course which is Thursdays 2:30 to 5:30 PM. My arguments were very cogent in that I have convinced Georgina to skip both her thesis course this year and her law and society seminar last year to be a panellist for me.

Zeenat and I both took Stats together last year. She is one of the students in Dr. Israelite's undergraduate course this year in which my ISC is based. I have 24/7 contact with the students and Zeenat has been one of the most active participants in the course.

Rachelle Najman is taking another course with Dr. Israelite this term for her graduate studies.

Hopefully my previous December 2002 posting will be made available soon!


-- Anonymous, January 25, 2003

I meant to include the following in my original posting:

Earlier this past week, when returning from a swim at the Y, I was in the Bay subway station and ran into Marietta, who had just been at the ROM with her family. We had a very nice chat and then she said: "I guess I'm safe, since we're not on Yonge Street!" I ignored this and promptly gave her a stats question anyway--what an opportunity! Those that know Marietta won't be surprised that she had no difficulty in answering the question.

So Yonge Street is broader than you think and you are still at risk when you run into me.


PS. One work-around to our problems in posting long messages is to post "responses" to the original message, just as I am doing. I'm finding that messages and responses of about a page in length (as my recent ones have been) are posted successfully. There is no limit to the number of responses. [I tried a very long message, in fact Michael Miceli's original posting, and it still fails to post; I don't expect the problem to disappear.]

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2003

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