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I have a Philips AZ9898 portable VCD-player (bought from Malaysia) (NOTE! NOT A DVD-Player, so gives no solution) and have tried to use Nero to make my own VCD:s. The VCD:s that I have created work fine in my computer but the Philips AZ9898 VCD-player won't play them. Anyone know why? I would also want to know what I should do.

-- Nikke Palmberg (, January 24, 2003


The mpeg file may need to be multiplexed before being turned into a VCD in nero. You can do this using Tmpegenc (File/Tools menu). I have a really cheap MP3 CD player, which also plays VCD's (well it tries its best anyway). Although the VCD still works the sound is really patchy if I don't multiplex it.

-- David Madelin (, January 25, 2003.

QUESTION: does your vcd player play any burned cd cause that might be the problem!!!!

-- tuncer (, April 27, 2003.

Hi Nikke!

I actually have the same problem like yours. As I go along the forum (the Q&A s) I just thought VCD Authoring has something to do with this.What do you think?

-- Mel Torres (, June 03, 2003.

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