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I'm a 40 year old female who has been diagnosed with post traumatic chrondromalacia to my right knee after a motor vehichle accident two years ago. After the accident, I started physical therapy and was administered pain killers/anti-inflammatories and then had a lateral relase performed 8 months after that. Now, I was informed that there is bone on bone and I need a knee replacement, but my surgeon thinks that I am too young. In the meantime, I had to stop work; I'm unable to drive; and I'm confined to my house. I am still trying to do physical therapy and it hurts to do any exercise. Now, I have to see a rheumatologist. Please advise. Thank you.

-- Teresa Broxton (, January 23, 2003


Generally knee replacements are done in individuals older than 40 years, but 40 is not too young if there are no other reasonable options and your disease is severe. Nowadays there are some options which may be considered including a Unispacer, uni-compartmental arthroplasty, patelloplasty or osteotomy, if you meet the criteria. Discuss this with your surgeon.

-- Errol Bennett, M.D. (, March 03, 2003.

I am 51 and have bone-on-bone in my left knee and severely deteriorated cartilage in my right knee. My doctor wants me to wait awhile before I get knee replacements. In addition, I have kidney problems so I have to avoid taking anti-inflammatory medication. I wear custom made osteo knee braces on both legs almost all the time (except for sleeping). They have helped tremendously. I was to the point that normal activities were very difficult. Now I have resumed things I love like hiking. My doctor says that most people who would benefit from a brace refuse to wear them. They don't look the greatest (especially with a short skirt) and they can be hot but the benefits seriously outweight the disadvantages. I don't know if a brace would be appropriate for you but it would be worth asking about.

-- J. Little (, April 24, 2004.

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