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I bought a house on 15th Street near Church Street last year that, according to local lore and records at the library, indicate that the street-level garage was used as a neighborhood dairy first known as "Ambrose Furrer and Son". Later, it changed names to "Eureka Dairy" likley following a sale. I suppose that Eureka Dairy may have been a larger competitor, but I have been unable to find any info about either of the firms.

Any suggestions where I could look and if Eureka was purchased by another dairy? I would like to trace the history of my house and learn more about its former use. According to the former owner, someone once stopped by saying that her boyfriend had found a glass bottle (likely a milk bottle) that had our address on it: 1971 15th Street.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


-- Shawn Riley (, January 23, 2003

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