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I burned a bunch of VCDS using roxio 5, and they are all having the same problem. At some point in the movie, the picture will freeze but the audio will continue, then after about 15 min the picture will start again, with the audio 15 min ahead. They have been played on numerous laptops and pcs and dvd players, always with the same result. The original file will play fine on my pc though, so it has to be some kind of problem with the burning. Please help.

-- mason (, January 22, 2003


It could be a problem with your media if you used some cheap, no name brand. If you think your media is OK, maybe it's Roxio. A lot of us here don't think much of Roxio. Nero ( is a much better program. You can download it and use it for free for 30 days. Try using Nero and if that solves your problem you can blame Roxio.

By the way, are you doing DivX conversions to VCD by any chance? One of the big problems with DivX is that it sometimes produces "freeze frames". What you are describing is consistent with a DivX freeze frame problem. There is no real fix for that. There are programs that supposedly can fix freeze frames, but it has been my experience that most of the time they don't solve the problem. and have guides on trying to fix freeze frame issues. You say the original plays OK on your PC so that may not be it, I'm just listing it as a possibility. Of course if you are not working with DivX at all then that's definitely not your problem.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 23, 2003.

I am having a similiar problem with some vcds. I use Nero and it is the same. I have tried burning at all kinds of different speeds all with the same thing happening. I will have to check and see if using a higher quality cdr will help. Funny thing is the disc sticks in different places played on different dvd players. I hope someone knows what we are doing wrong.

-- Bert (, January 26, 2003.

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