I am starting to be afraid, has anyone noticed it has been awhile sine Bill Dickens has mentioned or begged for food?

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Yes my friends during these turbulent times in the world sometimes we overlook the other important matters in the world. One of these matters has come to my attention this morning;-) For a year our resident professor Bro. Bill Dickens ate his way across america. Even using the name of his Bishop to get free food. We were deeply conncerned when he reached the tenth district for fear that Jerryl payne and pastor paris would be eaten out of house and home. But mercifully they survived. So my question is this, has anyone noticed that Bill dickens is not eating. Should we send a collective care package, and what about Rev. Fisher and his claim that he is the best griller in the world. Has anyone had any of his ribs and what about Mary Brooks? I think she is holding out on some greens and potato salad. And what about those quiet a.m.e's in Michigan who have the best sweet potato pie in the world. And yes Carmen we know about your chocolate cake. We need to talk about the important things it is time to feed Bill Dickens again!

*For those that are new to the board every now and then we get silly and like to have some fun. Bill Dickens does like to travel and eat.

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2003


Well the same could be said that Jesus' ministry was periodically "interrupted" by food and sustentation breaks, e.g. encounter with Zaccheus (come down from that sycamore tree!), visit to the home of Mary & Martha and best of all throwing down at the wedding reception in Cana. I'm confident at the wedding reception folks were not just shaking hands and kissing the bride but consuming kosher delights and sampling some of that tasty fermented beverage Jesus provided :-) Looks like despite my somewhat voracious appetite I'm in esteemed company. QED

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2003

Bill you know you are my biological brother. And only you could do a food exegis! Give my love to Jenny and the kids.

-- Anonymous, January 23, 2003

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