Osteotomy - recovery timeframe

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I'm schedule for a tibial osteotomy for my right knee due to cartliage damage. My questions are: what kind of scar will this leave? How long will it be before I can drive or start walking? I'm 36 years old and like to stay active. What limitations with exercise, etc.. will leave me? Thanks.

-- Lisa (lnajaria@yahoo.com), January 21, 2003


After a tibial osteotomy normal walking and full weight bearing may take 6 to 8 weeks until healing is complete. Usually one may drive after healing is complete. After complete healing of the osteotomy, your limitations are more likely to be due to the underlying arthritis rather than the effects of the osteotomy. The scar is usually relatively inconspicuous, but you should ask your surgeon for a more specific answer.

-- Errol Bennett, M.D. (ebennet6@jhmi.edu), March 03, 2003.

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