just bought a very early 2000 bike, what should I look 4?

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Hello everyone. I just purchased a very early year 2000 bike from Ferracci in Willow Grove. I forget the entire VIN, but I remember that it ended in 00009, so I'm guessing this might be the 9th Strada built.

Can any of you provide me with some tips about what recalls I should investigate, leaks i should look for, or any other anomalies of which I should be aware? Also, what is all this I've been reading about some early bikes having one radiator and some having two, or did i misunderstand something?

Thanks very much! This is a great list service and I've enjoyed reading many of the posts. I formerly owned a 2001 748S, btw.

-- Frank Tavani (ftav4444@yahoo.com), January 21, 2003


Be concerned with the single/dual radiator issue. Bikes with single radiators run extremely hot.

Another thing to worry about is if the Brake Upgrade was done on the bike.

Another item to be of concern is the oil filter.

For the most part if those services were done you are in good shape.

-- Mototrends (sales@mototrends.com), January 21, 2003.

What to look for? Cops in the rear view mirror. Envious and jealous looks from men our own age. Soccer moms checking you out in traffic. Squids looking you up and down then wheely- ing off. That premium parking place at the diner. And last but not least; A road that opens up with miles ahead to explore 6th gear at redline.

Welcome aboard Frank and safe rides, Greg Petersen

-- greg petersen (gntpete@nvbell.net), January 21, 2003.

MV actually do an upgrade at cost for the 2 rads-i never had a problem with mine except in traffic then all that happens is the fans come on and don`t turn off till you move again-try it first,the brake upgrade was only done if YOU wanted it,ihad mine done but could not tell the differance,oil filter thing-if it`s come from Ferracci they surely have put the modded one on-ask them-they should also have a record of the recalls

-- mike tilston (mike@tilston00.fsnet.co.uk), January 22, 2003.

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