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Hi All,

Just want to share my best buying experience in SGP! After reading some of the writers recommendation on MS color photo equipment shop located at Ang MO Kio, I decided try it out by getting a Minolta 400mm APO G lens.(my dream lens) I was quite spectical at first as I usually buy my stuff at Penisular.

All I can say is the sales people there are very professional and friendly. After getting a E-quote (about the same price with the big players here) from them, i went to the shop a few days later. Although the lens was out-of stock (as usual for Minolta unquie lens in Singapore), the saleman quickly help me to call the Minolta distributer and asked the manager who is on half-day leave there to handcarry the stock to Ang Mio kio the same day within 3hrs. I was impressed!!!! No need for deposit and ask me to come back after 3hrs! Wow!

As compared to the "BIG" shop in Penisular(i would not want to name the shop), I asked for the same lens (a week ago), they tell me have to wait 1-2 months due to out-of-stock status plus 40% deposit and didn't bother to double checked for me with the Minolta distributer? Do i look like i have no money to buy the G lens? Or they have too much biz to bother me?

I am glad to have spent my hard savings on MS color! Well done.

Regards James Wong

-- James Wong (, January 21, 2003


Where is that shop exactly? Perhaps an address?

-- Des- (, February 01, 2003.

-- James (, February 01, 2003.

I agree that MS Color does deliver good service in general. When you compare prices, they were actually able to sell at a lower price than what Cathay Photo offered. One thing I liked was that they were willing to let me try out certain camera equipment even when I had stated that I would only be buying it months later. Still, it is still recommended to go there if you know what you need and the approximate retail price in order to effectively strike a bargain. They also offer monthly sales. Do remember to ask! They are physically located at Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, opposite the AMK MRT Station, at the S11 Food Centre.

-- Loke W F (, April 15, 2003.

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