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I am pretty new at this and creat my vidio's with Premiere 6.5 I use the build in software to encode for VCD creation. I try to use dvdit and I really like the menu creation feature but when I try to play it on my AIWA XD-DV370 ( I looked it up and it does support vcd play) it wont play and keeps searching for the video files. When I create the VCD with Roxio easy cd creator 5 it plays fine but I can't create menu's with it. Any idea what I should do? thanks Bernadette

-- Bernadette Walker (, January 21, 2003


Are you making a DVD or VCD with DVDIT? I don't know anything about DVDIT, but if you are actually making a DVD on CD-R with it, that's why it won't play. Almost no DVD players support DVD format on CD-R media. If you really are making a VCD with DVDIT, it might be that DVDIT does something to the disc that is not in compliance with VCD standards. You might try using Nero ( to make VCDs. You can use Nero for free for 30 days. Nero can be used to make menus. I think that has guides on this.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 21, 2003.

You are mixing things up. First, do you want to create a VCD or DVD? There ARE important differences between the two, you know. DVDit! is EXCLUSIVELY for authoring DVDs, hence the name. You don't author/create VCDs with it, but DVDs. If it's fancy menus you are after anyway, better that you create DVDs. Aside from DVDit! you'll need a DVD burner. If it's VCDs you want the menus won't be as fancy but avoid Roxio Easy CD despite what angels or devils around you will tell. Use Nero instead. Or the free VCDEasy from, which can create VCD *.bin/*.cue files you can burn with Nero.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 21, 2003.

try going to for a proshow gold 1.2 with excellent menu and transition capability for vcd and dvd creation. Its really nice.

-- mars ll. (, July 15, 2003.

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