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Okay I need all the procedures on how to make a jetpack that looks like a backpack. Can anyone help?! I need a lot of information. Im only ten so the materials should be something I could easily find. Is it possible?

-- Phathom Athena Donald (, January 20, 2003


Phathom, I can not think of anyway you could build a jetpack that you could deguise as a back pack. Futher more, if you made a jet pack you would probably either blow yourself up or burn your legs to ashes. I highly recomend you don't try it.


-- Shorty Konings (, February 04, 2003.

one simple solution is a steam powered pak but money is always the largest factor anyone serious about doing such a task i will help with any physical properties needed

-- oshu"s wizard (, March 17, 2003.

a. you will die, almost guaranteed b. a jet pack uses rocket fuel causing a highly volatile controlled explosion c. they cost around $500000 d. you'll probably be shot down e. good luck, have fun

-- AutoMX (, April 20, 2003.

Okay how fucking stupid, if anything you should build them out of special shoes that will protect you from the heat or have small amounts of liquid nitrogen cool them down if you this is stupid then fuck you all ive already built them

-- Aaron Hughson (, April 21, 2003.

Well how could i resist this. I have a little experience in jet engines, and i can tell you that the heat generated by burning jet A fuel in a 55,000 rpm gas turbine is out of the question. There is a torque issue that you would not be able to overcome. I suggest a rocket motored pack using solid rocket fuel. It is much less volitale, the heat may be more managable, and the cost will be far less. Grab a ken doll in your local toy store, and a few "D" size hobby rocket engines while you're there. A little household duct tape later, and you will get a good idea of what you'll look like being hurled through the air on a full size mock up. Another benefit is that your neighbors will think you are psychotic. Its worked for me for years. Good luck, and let me know when the show starts. I'll pay $100 to see what happens.

-- Nostradamus (, April 22, 2003.

What a legend! I actually have experience in rocketry, at an ammeteur level. I could suggest complicated hybrid rocket motor systems, or even liquid fuel systems and details of how to prepare the propellants, but I understand that this is probably out of your reach. To make a large solid fuel rocket capable of providing the thrust you require, you'd need to buy as many kit rocket engines as possible - from a hobby store. Open them up and remove the propellant (usually the light coloured substance - the dark stuff is the smoke charge and delay) Crush this into powder. Once you have about 500g of this powder, you can make a new, larger rocket casing and pack it in. Make sure it is packed extremely well. It might pay to plasticise the powder first with a celluloid solution (ping-pong balls in nail polish remover). Make a nozzle for the new casing, and a secure bulkhead - bolt it in. Then you can think of a way to mount this rocket motor inside your school backpack or something. Make sure the mountings can stand up to a LOT of force. Load test the mountings by hanging a large mass from it, like five times your mass. Then make sure the straps on your backpack can handle this too - with the same mass. Then decide how you'll ignite the engine. Good luck. A word of warning though - if you've never made a rocket motor before, chances are it'll explode. 500g of perchlorate mix detonating on your back is definitely going to reip you into tiny pieces and spray you all over your neighbourhood. Take my advice - don't try it, rather just pretend.

-- bucky smith (, April 30, 2003.

When I was 10, I wanted to build a back pack rocket too. My mom used to dress me like some hippie love child or Elton John. The other kids in their Osh Kosh b'gosh and Velour outfits used to make fun of me and I would cry (still do to this day) so I understand your reasoning behind building this jet pack. Here is my solution. Go to a Value Village or Winners store and buy cool clothes. Put them in your school bag and change your lame clothes that your parents bought you and wear the cool clothes. Remember, chicks at your age think boys have cooties, so print up a Cooties Immunization card on the computer and show the babes that your protected from the Cooties and you will be "The Babe Magnet". Trust me man, score the babes now before they realize what kind of a nerd you really are. Once this girls find out that you are posting messages in search of rocket jet packs, you are screwed. Its just as bad as being 39 living with your mom and sending replies to messages like yours. Oh yea, thats me. Find your Dads playboy collection, it has good articles in it.

-- Chuck Farley (, May 12, 2003.

Okay, take a backpack. Then get a bunch of m80s. Make sure that all the fuses are pointing down. Tape them all together and then put them in the backpack. Light. You'll fly, for real.

-- Jimmy Johnson (, October 01, 2003.


-- stevw (, October 01, 2003.

Hvordan om Jetpack? Rocketpak er bestemt mere hofte enn Jetpack.

-- R. Andalstad (, October 01, 2003.

-- greg (, October 01, 2003.

Bleach combined with Ammonia makes excellent rocket propellent.


-- Rub A Dub Dub (, October 01, 2003.

Yeah, Ammonia and Bleach usually are the best when creating rocket fuel. Just make sure you do it indoors, because it can be extremely volatile when manufactured outside.

-- David H. Manning (, October 01, 2003.

You need to go around your house and find your self a plant called Datura, Jimson Weed or Belladonna ask you Mom to buy one for you. Then you need to ingest these plants. Wait about an hour and you will be flying very high.

-- Tub Girl (, October 01, 2003.

fire ze railgun

-- verl (, October 01, 2003.


-- GOATSEMAN (, October 01, 2003.

Go to this site and hopefully it will work You probably won't be able to make a Jetpack like looks like a Backpack, and dont try making one that is literally like a jet, (or rocket.) Tested Rocket Jetpacks have been lasted of 30 second air hops, what good is this? They will be very expensive to make and waste fuels in half a minute. BUT, you can make the second type of Jetpack, which is very more practical. It uses two fans and an engine (Im not sure a car engine or what it is) and 3 gallons of gas brings you in the air for up to 50 minutes at 50 miles an hour. The pack itself weighs over a hundred pounds and the person cant weight to much either, height is also a factor. It will cost at least 1000 dollars to make, and youll be spending a lot on gas, but i heard that you dont neeed a license to use one of these jargems so it'd be pretty damned awesome to get this thing working! You also might want like a parachute or something if you dont want to die if it like fails or something, yeah

-- Rob N Hood (, October 02, 2003.

Strap on wings and jetpack. I have never had anything to do with jets.. last night I was dreaming (no joke) I observed a guy rocketing out of a tree at a certain hight the rocket seem to slow and turn into a jet plane. After a sort time this flying object sailing in and landed I think unside down on a patch of grass. He had a wing harness with gray tubeing (small wingspan 2 m ) and on the wings something lick MAP MAJ as well es ultralight was written on the transparent foil. Its more a rocket that after a certain hight turns into a small jetplane ... SoI decide to look on the web and found your page. Anyone know this sort of thing? I am not mad and dont take drug,s just this was a dream much like a film. anyone have an idea under what I can google search to find this sort of thing?

-- michael schuurman (, October 05, 2003.

Kid! Anything's possible. Don't listen to those hypocrits! We will let you in on a little secret, we already have 2 jet packs and have been flying around town on them! We were on the 10 oclock news a few days ago, the army was ordered to shoot us down, but the fuckers missed!! HAA HAHAHAH HAHA !!! Join us in our cult, we are building up an army of jetpack flyers! A new order is rising, join the "JETHOOK TEAM" (only 2 present at the moment) BUT THERE WILL BE MORE! ZIG HAIL!! The government is going down BIG TIME!! This'll teach them to tax us! They will all pay!.....

-- Mannouch & Taylor (, November 20, 2003.

ur stupid u will die if u do that. but try it if u want

-- i dunno (, November 23, 2003.

To the FUKING MORONS who wrote that ammonia and bleach make good rocket propellant - FUCK YOU! I swear, I've had enough of you little turds reading gay things like the 'terrorist cookbook for gay little fags who can sprout a load of shite and not know what it means becuase nobody's ever tried it to prove that it's bulshart/. Ammonia (which is really ammonia gas in solution, which is an equilibrium between NH3(aq) and NH3+ and OH- which kind of equates to NH4OH) and bleach (aqueous solution of NaClO, sodium chlorite) when mixed together would produce nothing but ammonium chlorite and a lot of water. If you manage to remove all the water you'll get a tiny amount of a very weak oxidising agent. If ou knew anything about chemistry, you'd know that an oxidising agent is NOT a fuel. In a rocket you need the oxidiser for the fuel to burn. Aluminium is a good rocket fuel - anything aluminium will do, just file it into powder. Then get a powerful oxidising agent, eg. by mixing NaOH(aq) (sodium hydroxide drain cleaner + water) with Chlorine at 70 degrees C or above until fully reacted, then evaporate, then mix this with your aluminium and some sulphur, then you have some OK rocket fuel, but the NaClO3 is rather unstable, so the rocket will tend to detonate when it gets too hot, so rather don't do this. If you want stable rocket fuel, make KClO3, or NH3ClO4. Learn chemistry before you attempt this.

-- dogsack (, December 13, 2003.

Ok on a seriouse note, u haved to remember the kid is only ten so.... y use the language on something he is going to be reading... but i have been trying to find a way to build a "jet pack" i have made a device using two turbos out of old trucks but cannot get enough thrust to go anywere, any ideas?

-- chris (, December 28, 2003.

I am currently in the process of building a jetpack myself. If you are a younger person such as myself (15. one thing is that you arent going to be able to be discrete about it and it sure in the hell isnt going to look like a fucking back pack. might i suggest 2 pulsejet engines strapped to a metal brace conformed to your back (so it is more stable) strapped on with seatbelt material. you must make sure its strapped tightly to your body or you will get a nice mouth full of dirt. but on the engines, make sure that everything is perfectly symmetrical or one of your ongine will be contradicting the other. remember the slightest imperfection will screw you over. im in the middle of testing the engine designe and found that you might want to skip the valve and have a better oxidizer than air. you dont get the desired amount of thrust by useing propane and air. i need to find those two crucial materials or i may not be going anywhere. as far as the materials go, you can probably find most of them pretty easily. the problem is where in the hell will you find the tools and saying that your ten an adult to help you. my freinds dad was very supportive in helping me out with supplies and tools. i had to learn to operate them and have been doing so for 3 years. he does something where he repairs expensive or old cars. he was very helpful. well dont give up, your on your way and you have a great and creative mind. you might want to start a little smaller amnd get some info on building a jet engine. you have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run, good luck!!!

-- tony vila (, February 01, 2004. go here you will learn alot about homebuilt jets

-- (, March 04, 2004.

u know what i hope u blow ur selves up. i would like to join that jet pack world domination thing!!

-- wtf (, April 21, 2004.

Ok u dumb little nigger riggers, just go to ur local fireworks store, and by a couple of sky ridder stick rockets and duck tape them to ur ugly asses, and may i say " fly bitch, fly

-- blow me (shit N' ur, June 15, 2004.

buy a baloon at kroger, tie it around your neck and jump off a cliff.

-- I forgot (, July 02, 2004.

1. get a back pack 2.make 2 buttons,1 on each strap. 1 that holds gas,1 that holds some matches.make the buttons push each one. 3.put some sandpaper for the matches to light. 4.make sure to use tin foil because it don't burn. also for the jets (but use about 20 layers)

if it works I am ONLY 11. Don't forget to Email me back.

-- jeffrey lloyd houser (, July 21, 2004. You guys are thinking too hard. Uses four 23hp 2 stroke powerplants. Will be comming with a parachute aswell. You aswell will need about 15k or 30k USD to buy it.

-- William (, November 14, 2004.

That's not a jet, it's a ducted fan. Besides, it's not concealable as a backpack. Look at hybrid rocket motors and a tank of N2O.

-- Eeriuge Samson (, November 19, 2004.

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