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Hi,Please help me in creating a VCD from MiniDV.I have Sony TRV17 which is minidv.How to create a VCD from this tape.I have computer which has CDR/RW of HP..What are ths softwares and hardwares needed for this..

-- venki (, January 19, 2003


Hi, For this purpose make VCD from a MiniDV u have the option to connect your Camcoder (MiniDV) through USB to your computer, and Use the software Ulead VideoStudio 6.0 or later for capturing. U may capture, give effects and make it VCD. U not need any drivers for your CDR/RW for this purpose, because the Ulead Video Studio detected this automatically for VCD & DVD purpose.

If there is any problem then u may use the capturing card (dazzle) from Pinnnacle and its softwares for better performance.


-- Manoj Kumar Nanda (, February 03, 2003.

I have a TVR16. But i think up to now you should be sorted out. First you need a firewire PCI card to download your digital video to the hard disk. This card comes with software to create VCD. I bought the SOHO name which comes bandled with videowave software to burn vcd miniDCD or DVD. It saves your video as *.avi. You can also burn VCD using NERO or EASY CD AND DVD CREATOR. The card costs 30 pounds only and has 3 firewire (or i-Link inputs).


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