Tamron 24-135mm ????

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Hello...any personal reviews on the Tamron 24-135mm lens? I am thinking of selling my Nikkor 28-105mm D lens to get the Tamron one. Any views? pls share...thanks.

-- Nicole (swimcraze@hotmail.com), January 19, 2003


This lens has become my most used lens since I got ot almost at the same time with my first DSLR, Fujifilm S1Pro about one and half years ago. I took photos of all kinds, landscape, nature, portraits and weddings. It never disappoints me. Now I use it on my newly bought S2Pro. I have to admit that tamron is just a bit behind my prime lens such as Sigma 105mm micro and 55mm micro Nikkor. This is probably due to the higher pixel count of S2.

-- David Hsing (davidhsing@msn.com), June 09, 2003.

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