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I need advise regarding fixation of zakat. I have some bonds which will be encashed in May 03 ending maturation period of 3(three) years. I bought one shop at Tk 15 lacs in Oct 02, whence I paid Tk 6(six) lacs and told to give Tk 9(nine) lacs in May 03 after encashment of bonds.Showing above bonds as colatteral , took loan of Tk 10(ten) lacs in July 02from the bank & gave the whole to my elder brother. But elder brother gave me Tk 8(eight) lacs from which the above-mentioned Tk 6(six) lacs given to seller of the shop & spent the rest Tk 2 (two) lacs by Sept 02.For the time being my elder brother will not be able to give the rest Tk 2(two)lacs of loan.Please advice me as to how much amount to be given as zakat.I give zakat of the preceeding year following last eid to next eid. Period of calaculation is preceeded one year upto last eid which was was held on 06.12.02.

-- Jobedur Rahman (, January 18, 2003

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