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i was just wonderin how to go about burning a vcd to play on playstation 2 dvd player not the games but to just take an mpeg or other and burn movies so that it will play on the ps2,

thank you

-- jeff fournier (, January 17, 2003


There are a bunch of other threads that just won't die on this same subject. Couldn't you have looked on this board before jumping in to start yet ANOTHER thread on this subject?

Can't someone kill this thread before it grows (hint, hint)?

-- No One (, January 17, 2003.

Suck and swallow my cock, cock sucker. I was just asking a very simple question.

-- jeff fournier (, January 17, 2003.

And the even simpler answer is PS2 doesn't and can't play VCDs, whether original pressed or CD-R/RW.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 18, 2003.

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