What makes Poe's work great?

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What are some literary criticisms on Edgar Allan Poe's tales?

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2003


I think you mean articles and essays? Try your library or www.eapoe.org, the Poe Studies selections. Poedecoder and other Poe links have good articles. They are some articles for sale at certain unethical sites, obviously blandly tailored for the amateur plagiarist, and totally unnecessary. Save the money and do the time and work for better results. Understanding Poe and his times and reading widely in his opus of usually short works is not burdensome. There are only a few tough places, understanding the uniquely complex genius of Poe which is only difficult merely for being different than one first believes, his use of erudition, mystery and 19th Century Romantic style.

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2003

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