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This Monday Jan. 20th is the national holiday to celebrate the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. It is always interesting to celebrate this holiday in a state that is 98 percent white. For inevitably I am asked the questions 1.)Why do we need to celebrate it in Montana 2.)And haven't things gotten better for Black people?

I appreciate the questions for they provide many opportunities for dialog about race relations, prison reforms, profiling and other issues. The questions for the most part are coming from a place of not knowing our history and or not realizing that racism impacts on all people. This year our church will be co-sponsoring a Dr. King celebration for the community and it will be great. I have gotten a five time emmy award winning journalist as our keynote speaker, our church's african percussion worship team, music and books for the evening. What is your church and or community doing? And how do we respond to the question of relevency of celebrating Dr. Kings life in 2003. I look forward to your answers.

P.S we are especially excited to host the celebration since Mrs. Rosa Parks is A.M.E

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2003

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