I'm Hooked on Speed!!!

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I have recently upgraded my home pc system with a cable broadband modem. I have greater speed and expanded options for accesing information on the web. My AOL account will be phased out over the next month when I make my permanent transition to broadband. Now I can enjoy at home the same broadband services I use from my office. Dial-up or narrowband technologies serves a useful purpose and I only recommend upgrading to braodband only if you have a real need for faster uploading/downloading requirements. For now at least my new email is the comcast address above. QED

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2003


Congratulations Bro. Bill on your upgrade, broadband is exciting. And yes we do have DSL in Montana;-) This is another thought but as long as I have your attention. What exactly are the benefits if any of having stocks and mutual funds from an econmist perspective. And looking at the stock market over the course of history have economists seen trends that affect the market. Now that you have DSL I figured you could answer my question quicker(heehee)

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2003

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