I just bought a heap of vcds and only one works!!

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I just bought 6 vcds from a guy off the internet and only one works! My dvd player is a Phillips DVD 711 and it says it plays video cds and I know it plays CD R/RW. The vcds are on CD-R 80 High Density Samsung cd and I don't know what's wrong with them. When I put them in my computer there are 5 folders which are called CDI, EXT, MPEGAV, SEGMENT and VCD. In the CDI folder there is a file called CDI_VCD and it is a CFG file. When I try to play the vcds in Windows Media Player it says there is no disc in drive. I emailed the guy back and told him but he said he checked them before he sent them and they all worked fine! Please help me because I dont know whats wrong and Im really anxious to see them! Thanks!

-- Amy Hughes (hello2amy@hotmail.com), January 14, 2003


In Windows Media Player, go to the MPEGAV folder, change the "Files of type" to All Files. Locate the Avseq01.dat (or similar) and double-click it to play the video.

-- (!@!.!), January 14, 2003.

use any other media program like power dvd xp to play those vcds coz they inclued different types of vcd that media player doesnt support.

-- Akżn Jar (aktronline@hotmail.com), February 08, 2004.

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