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My Karaoke player is a "Pioneer CLD - V 720", a CD, CDV & LD Player. Will VCDs work on this machine? Thank you!

-- (, January 14, 2003



-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 15, 2003.

Mehmet is correct. To give you a slightly better explanation, laser disc players only support CDV format, which is a dead format that allowed up to 5 minutes of analog video to be burned to CD and supported up to 20 minutes of audio on the same disc. It is not possible to make your own CDVs, and even if you could, how useful would a format be that only allowed you to record 5 minutes of video? I have a couple of old laser disc players and they don't support CD-R media very well, which is another problem. The good news is that almost all DVD players that support CD-R media will support VCD and you get much more recording time on a VCD (80 minutes on an 80 min. CD-R) than CDV supported. Bottom line - you're going to have to buy a DVD player if you want to watch VCDs and no DVD player will support CDV if you have any of those old discs.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 15, 2003.

hi can you play a laser disk on a multi region dvd player? Thanks in advance

-- Layla (, January 23, 2003.

No, you can't.

-- No One (, January 23, 2003.

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