Type of Junco???

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I have noticed a few Slate Juncos below my feeders lately, but have also noticed one that looks almost identical, but has large white patches on each side of the face almost including the eye (not an eye ring). Can Juncos have variations like this? Every photo I've ever seen of a Junco looks the same. Could this be a different bird? My Peterson field guide doesn't show anything similar.

-- David McAFee (davidmcafee@comcast.net), January 14, 2003



I've seen four of the seven variants of junco (and am vaguely familiar with the rest) and have never heard of what you describe. Do you have an image you can share with us?

-- Sean T Noonan (sean@stnphotography.com), January 17, 2003.

Sean, thanks for replying. I have just recently taken up bird watching and it has inspired me to get into wildlife photography. I just bought a camera today (it will get to me next week) and am taking lessons starting next week. As soon as I can, assuming he's still around, I am anxious to get an image to post. He is very interesting.

-- David McAfee (davidmcafee@comcast.net), January 17, 2003.

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