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Hi everyone! Last month I bought a digital camera, and I decided to store my pictures on a VCD.. Looking for something interesting on the web, I found PHOTO2VCD Professional 1.80, a good software to burn your VCD, with picture slideshow+music.. But I couldn't find any serial number to use it without making VCD with their net-address opn the screen!So It's useless, and I wish I could Know someone who can help me, with a serial number for that program, or someone who can tell me where I could find a similar software, free of course to burn vcd with slideshow+music. Please!Help Me!I can't buy expensive software! Thank you very much!


-- FRw@RD RWND (, January 14, 2003


Try VCD Easy. It's free (open source) and will give you higher quality results than using photo2vcd (yes, I've used it and wasted money buying it).

BTW, beware asking for serials/keygens here-- those posts tend to disappear. [Correct. -- moderator]


-- No One (, January 14, 2003.

Nice as it is VCDEasy doesn't support S/VCD slideshows with music. Again I'm talking about hi-res 704x576/480 MPEG stills that appear as itemxxxx.dat files in the SEGMENT directory, NOT edited avseqxx.dat MPEG tracks in the MPEGAV directory that of course can have all the music u want but is lo-res 352x288/240.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 15, 2003.

Urp, mea culpa-- Mehmet is correct VCDEasy won't give you music with slide shows. It's been a few months since I've had to do one and as I recall, I ended up importing my stills into Premiere and creating an XVCD. And unfortunately, if you can't buy expensive software, Premiere is out of the question. My apologies.


-- No One (, January 15, 2003.

try proshow gold ... the best software for that kind of apps ...

-- pumiki (, March 05, 2003.

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