Location of Winterland Theater

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...and is it still in operation?

-- Fred Sacks (pug.lovers@verizon.net), January 13, 2003


post and steiner no

-- sa tan (greatsatan@arabia.com), January 13, 2003.

The site is now an apartment complex. Originally, it was an ice rink hosting the Shipstad and Johnson Ice Follies Show. It was around the corner from the Fillmore Auditorium.

-- MauGo (maugo99@hotmail.com), January 13, 2003.

And then Bill Graham put on many unforgettable concerts there.(Big Brother and the Holding Co.(Janis Joplin); Jefferson Airplane (Marty Ballin, Grace Slick,etc,) CARLOS SANTANA..GREATFUL DEAD and MORE..the S.F.place to be in the late 60's. Great light shows, lotssa pot and free LSD in the wine and Kool Aide that was passed around.....only exists now in the minds of the ones who survived it all........And, if you are lucky enough, you might even own one of the posters that were made for one of the shows...they are worth BIG BUCKS...!!

-- Gunzy (gunzy 45@earthlink.net), February 24, 2003.

The memories of winterland live on, I saw johnny winter three times great rock shows. winterland was torn down in 1985 and replaced with houses.I worked on that job and heard the spirits of janis jimi jim they were all there...

-- michael mando (lewisele@yahoo.com), August 15, 2003.

Who remembers the music venue that was at Van Ness and Market in the late 60s? I don't know if Graham ran it or...? It was called, variously, the Carousel, or Fillmore West. I went there a bunch of times w/my band in 1968, not to perform, just to hang out. A. B. Skhy Blues Band, Creedence Clearwater...

And of course I remember Winterland. A bass player I worked with was one of the originators of the graphite-alloy guitar neck which sparked the beginnings of Alembic Instruments...so we always had free Dead tix... Wow. Those WERE the days. I miss them still.

athan ayc@uiuc.edu

-- athan y chilton (ayc@uiuc.edu), September 30, 2003.

Ah, Winterland...A delapidated old building that had more soul than any other...I loved that place...saw sooo many great shows there, including the last Sex Pistols show (not the best)....I would roam around the building during a Dead show, and just let that old place shelter you...It was in a tough neighborhood then, but once inside, I never felt safer...Bill Graham did it right...too bad the place was trumped by the "need" for bigger halls and more expensive tickets...I dont go to many shows anymore...too expensive! Most of the shows at Winterland were around 5 bucks towrd the end..cheap! Springsteen might have been a bit more, I cant remember, but nothing like now, 100 bux, give me a break.. On Yom Kippur the year they were taking the old place down, I went by the building for a final look...found a way inside and was sickened at the sight...half the roof gone, the floor gone...the side area seats were now up about 6 or 8 feet from the old floor level because all the floors were gone.. there were a few seats left, and i figured, what the hell, they are just going to throw them out..so i wrassled a pair out before some construction demo dude tried to run me off...still got those seats and i always will..those who were lucky to have experienced it will never forget it...long live winterland!!


-- dark star (darkstar1956@yahoo.com), November 16, 2003.

Wonder if anyone remembers the 1972 New Years concert with Hot Tuna, Stone Ground etc. It was my first and only time to Winterland with a girl I knew from Eugene, OR. I'm looking for some memorebilia from that show. I just remember good music, mesc and Papa John Creech sippin Jack with me and my girl.

-- Rob Ryan (Robryan@aol.com), February 23, 2004.

try here

-- chucky (chuckudadoo@yahoo.com), February 23, 2004.

Anyone remember "Sounds of the City"? This was a series of concerts at Winterland on Thursday nights. 3 bands - $2.50! I saw KISS (probably their first concert in S.F.) and a couple of other bands for $2.50 with about 400 people in attendance. (Thursdays were slow).

-- Un Known (jpce04-sf@yahoo.com), March 03, 2004.

One more.... I saw Wet Willie, The Charlie Daniels Band, and Elvin Bishop together on stage....awesome, can never forget 6 electric slide guitars at once! Other Winterland memories... Johnny Winter and BB King together, J Geils, Joe Cocker throwing up on stage, Robin Trower (Trower Power!), Santana and Journey, Montrose with Sammy Haggar, Eddie Money drunk on stage, finding my friend in the red cross room, passed-out in barf, putting beer cans in my socks to get past security, trading a half- lid of Columbo and a pipe for a "Bill Graham Presents" windbreaker.

-- Un Known (jpce04-sf@yahoo.com), March 03, 2004.

Does anyone know which corner at Post and Steiner Winterland was actually located?? I think it was the NW corner but not sure. Anyone know of any photos anywhere of Winterland??

-- rick wargo (rickwargo@msn.com), April 06, 2004.

More photos here a

-- strange (stranger@yahoo.com), April 07, 2004.

-- strange (stranger@yahoo.com), April 07, 2004.

Hippies Galore! I grew up going to Winterland and free concerts in the park. Later, Dayz on the green, good but not the same. My first concert was at the cow palace - some misfortunate event put on by Pacific Stereo I think.

-- Bozett (alidabug@swbell.net), August 18, 2004.

Post and Steiner annd No.

-- Rob Mackay (jennmackay33@msn.net), February 23, 2005.

It was on the corner of Post and Steiner and the answer is no.

-- Rob Mackay (jennmackay33@msn.com), February 23, 2005.

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