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Help! I recently bought the first season of Alias off of ebay and I can't get the VCDs to run on my two DVD players which both state they will run VCDs ( also lists the players as compatible). Do I need to do anything special to make them work, or do any of you know what the problem could be?? The VCDs run fine on my computer with windows media player. Please email me at: if you have ANY suggestions! My DVD players are the PANASONIC DVD-A112 and the SONY DVP-S360.

-- Peter Katcho (, January 11, 2003


The problem is not will they play VCDs, it's will they play VCDs on CD-R? Sony made a lot of models that didn't support CD-R. You could try copying a disc to CD-RW media using something like Nero ( - you can download a demo) and see if it plays. Try the Sony first. If it plays burned to CD-RW, you have a media issue with your players and all you can do is buy a player that supports CD-R. Since you bought your discs on E-bay, God only knows how they were made, whether they were even made correctly, etc. so I can't rule out "manufacturer error".

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 13, 2003.

I make VCD's regularly but not too long ago I ran into the same problem with my JVC. The fact is that some DVD players simply don't play VCDs or SVCDS. The good news is that those DVD players that do play VCDs are inexpesive to buy. Daewoo a Korean brand that sells around $100 plays them all. It plays VCD, SVCD, MP3, DVD, and CD now if they could just make one that also plays DiVx (one was recently released). The formats that a DVD player will play are usually marked clearly on the outside of the box if you don't see it there don't buy it.

-- HLG (, January 15, 2003.


-- Peter Katcho (, January 16, 2003.

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