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church going, also should we pray against muslims as they are doing satsans work? God bless

-- Anonymous, January 11, 2003


Yes, pray against Islam. Pray for the conversion of Muslims to Christianity. They can be a hard people group to reach, so ask God to perform the miraculous. Often the appearance of angels is effective in converting Muslims, so that's a good thing to pray for.

Remember, Muslims are specifically and aggressively targeting the African American community. That is a threat to the eternal desination of the families of most who read this board. Take it VERY seriously.

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2003

Which Muslims are you talking about? The Shiites, Sunnis, Sufis, or NOI?

God never told us to pray against anyone or any thing. Instead of asking him, why don't YOU start proselytizing?

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2003

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