History of French Hospital.

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Specifically the dates, when each of the buildings came into existence. Thank you.

-- Trudie Kennedy (Krudietennedy@aol.com), January 10, 2003


Here's a start from a rather familiar location:

History of the French in San Francisco: http://www.zpub.com/sf50/sf/hgfc5.htm

Apparently, there have been a lot of questions on this same subject all over greenspun.com and zpub.com. There is even an inquiry from someone looking for hospital yearbooks from the 30s. There's also the gold old sfhistory.org site.

I got about 20 pages of hits using "french hospital" "san francisco" in google and then sorting within the results using "history."

Have fun reading up!

-- Rosa (rosadebon@yahoo.com), January 10, 2003.

I don't have an answer. I have a question. Does anyone have history of when land was purchased and French hospital was built on Geary? Is there a list of major contributors? A family member says that Pierre Klein originally from Alsace, helped found the hospital. He had a restaurant in S.F. at first and then sold his award winning wines at his wine shop on Geary St. My phone is 510-651-8370.

-- Patricia Snow (patsnow@att.net), February 14, 2004.

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