I have no choice...

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I gave you a chance to stop, but you didn't comply. I warned you, and now I shall fight back.

Good people of this board, this moron has a reason to be doing this. He thinks I destroyed a bboard on LUSENET, but for me to do that is immpossible, I haven't administrative status. And if you are reading this, you must know...

I am assuming that this jerk means Ask A Drunk, which I did not even harm. People there didn't give me a chance to fit in, they eventually left. Somehow, their narrow-mindedness is my fault.

So please, listen to me and stop him.

BTW, anyone know anything about Lotta's Fountain?

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

-- Piano Man (seanmhall14@hotmail.com), January 09, 2003


پاکستان ناجائز صہیونی ریاست اسرائیل ...
... محسوس کیا تھا اور اسی فرق کے نتيجے میں دنیا پر
سب سے بڑی نظریاتی سلطنت پاکستا&# 1606; وجود میں ...

-- khair khwah (You@Email.Address), January 02, 2004.

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