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According to parlimentary proceedure, can a presiding officer (chairperson) refuse to move a motion forward to take it to a vote (after the motion has been made)?

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2003


Part I, #3:
Before any subject is open to debate, it is necessary, first that a motion be made by a member who has the floor; second, that it be seconded (see exceptions), and third, that it be stated by the presiding officer. When the motion is in writing it shall be handed to the chair, and read before it is debated.

Exceptions: A call for the orders of the day, a question of order (though not an appeal), oe an objection to consideration of the question does not have to be seconded; and many questions of routine are not seconded or even made.

It would seem, then, that if the motion wasn't seconded, the chair need not do anything else, as the motion has expired for lack of a second.

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2003


-- Anonymous, January 10, 2003

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