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I was once in here looking for answers. But found nothign really special.

I was successful at building a RC hovercraft so I thought I'd help you guys out.

I found two sites that really helped This one is actually a retail webiste but it has sections explaining how hovercraft works, and etc. I got in contact with one of the guys and Got a lot of answers from them. this one was created by the guy i got in contact with in the previous website.

I'd post some pictures of my hovercraft when i have time on a website.

Just thought I'd mention, using the plan shown on the 2nd page, you basically don't need to worry about the skirt at all.

-- Brian W (, January 09, 2003


Check this site out, very helpful, plans to build your own r/c hovercraft, perhaps the best I've seen on the net.

-- T. Leake (, March 11, 2003.

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