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Yes i did have cybersex on here with married men, i find it fun, and their wives think that they are on the net doing something useful, often downloading, how naive can they get! but yes i do feel guilty about it because i had an email from one woman who found my pic on her computer along with three verrrry sexy emails and she was very upset, but if only she knew the pic i sent wasn't even of me, it was my mum's stepsister who is two years my senior, and better looking than me. then i keep finding all these different sites about affairs on the internet and how common they are, and yet how many marriages are ruined through internet affairs . and one that i found to be a bit emotional was of messages ex-married men and women had left telling their own personal stories, and it did make me sit up and think, and i know i wouldn't like someone to do the same to me, so if you want to read the stories i found one is on-.

all i can say to everyone is sorry.


-- Tanya Bond (, January 08, 2003

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