As the count down towards the year 2004 draws nearer, it is very sad that information about the mileage the AJC has covered has remained unknown to the larger AMEC constituencies.This mid month ( January 14-17, 2003) there will be yet another gathering in Cape town South Africa and yet those who represent us have done very little to sensitize the church about this sereous matter.One sad thing is that the General Secretary comes from our motherland Zambia,Africa and operates from the 17Th Episcopal District Office.Inspite of having up to date office communication facilities he has used the office to consolidate his campaign for Episcopal office.He has black out the entire church from accessing AJC information as if he was dealing with personal matters.

Can the Bishops please pass an instruction to the AJC Secretaiate to provide information to Presdiding Elders and Pastors so that the church gets ready for the coming transition.This communication in truthful and nothing but the truth.I pray that strong AME's help me in blowing this trumpet for a deliberate blackout of AJC information.

Of more than 500 pastors in Zambia alone, only about five pastors have access to the computer of whom i am.My presiding Elder is always on y neck to ask for information from this discussion forum.Something aught to be done.INFORMATION IS POWER!

-- Anonymous, January 07, 2003


Lets keep this forum alive! Just wanted you to also browse on the newest website for St Thomas AME Church in Zambia on District 17.

-- Anonymous, January 07, 2003

The joy of serving the Lord is always my strength. The AJC Executive Committee is meeeting on 15 & 16 January 2003 in Cape Town, South Africa. From the Agenda we have received from the Chairperson, Bishop A J Richardson it looks promising that positive developments may come out of this meeting. We are looking at ways how best we can represent and present African interest and aspirations to the AME Connection come 2004.

On African aspirations, I am delighted to inform the AME Connection that the AJC is not a break-away movement. Lately we have seen more candidates declaring their calls for higher service, unfortunately the overwhelming majority is for the Episcopacy. Personally I would love to see the Missions Department being headed by soeone from the overseas districts, but everybody is vying for the Episcopacy. The bishops have done a wonderful job under the present depression (after September 11th!), but I think that we have not yet reached the promised land. It is my hope and prayer that this meeting of the AJC will see the discussions of issues on merits ( and not on the personalities that are running for the bishopric!).

If you wish to receive a copy of the AJX Executive Committee Agenda, please send email to me email address. For more information please do not hesitate to contact either the chairperson (Bishop A J Richardson) or the host (Bishop G G M Ingram). As a final resort you can also contact me on 081 247 3022 (pleas leave out the 0 infront and add your international dealing code and Namibia country code (264). God bless the AME Church!

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2003

Parsons Hanse & Mwandu:

Allow me to re-post comments I provided on November 25, 2002 which are germane to this particular thread. I apologize for the redundancy but I feel they are still apropos for any discussion about the AJC. Also, please add me to your email list about all AJC deliberations. Thanks. In my own words......"I am very much concerned about the "demands" and direction of the AJC as it pertains to the 2004 General Conference. I think the current political reality suggests that electing two indigenous Africa Bishops is feasible. Electing more than two is simply unrealistic. I would like to offer a proposal for discussion. For lack of a better idea and shameless originality let's call it the 'Dickens Compromise'. I would like to see more African and other non-US candidates contesting for the General Office positions. I think the General Officer in charge of Global Witness would be an ideal position for a candidate fluent in several languages along with extensive international experience. This would make many African candidates extremely attractive for filling this position. I would also strongly consider an African theologian to be considered for the position of Church Growth & Development. This position, probably more than any other General Officer position, requires skill at growing and organizing churches. The future growth of the AMEC will not be defined within the contiguous 48 United States but in countries and provinces outside the US borders. Finally, I would also like to see these two offices headquartered on foreign soil with appropriate indigenous staffing. My preference would be the Republic of South Africa. Electing two Bishops and two General Officers would be a tremendous accomplishment in helping to move this Zion forward in the 21st century. QED"

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2003

May i salute the great QED and my own brother from our motherland Pastor Hanse for their keen interest in the Africa Jurisdiction Council (AJC).In so far as i am concerned this discussion forum needs the involvement and indulgence of the whole connectional church.


General Officers

Missionarie (WMS)




The reason why everybody must participate is that,AJC is the process by which the AME Church in overseas district will be for the first time in the history of the AMEC stand the real test of time.There is alot of excitement among the potential candidates but the church membership at grassroots seem not to be acquanted with this transitional process.Lack of information will kind of be a time bomb that might erupt when all is said and done.Due to high and unaffordable transport costs, very few poeple manage to travel to countries where AJC meetings take place. Lest keep this forum more live and active....****

-- Anonymous, January 10, 2003

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