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Anyone have any info on the whereabouts of the prison ship "success"?

I have some video of it. The ship's keel was laid in 1790 and it was in dock in SF in 1915. After that who knows.

-- Bill Williams (, January 07, 2003


film record archive located and forwarded to alaskan historian

-- Bill Williams (, January 18, 2003.

I'm not sure where the ship is or what happened to it. But, while cleaning up a house we bought I found a box marked, Souvernirs of the Prison Ship "Success".

It has a large spike and a chunk of wood that looks like it was in a fire.

-- Robin Rastello (, February 03, 2003.

hang onto it in any case...perhaps a museum in Melbourne, Australia would be interested in it...

-- Bill Williams (, February 03, 2003.

Dont know much about the ship but have located a cane with a copper plaque marke "Souvineer of the Prison ship Success, Built 1790". Any info my way would be a great help. thanks Jon

-- Jon Hollands (, June 11, 2003.

Good afternoon. All those prison hulk Success material should be sent to Richard Norgard in Anchorage Alaska. You can email him at

I am a great granddaughter of one of the caretakers of the ship Success. Although my great grandfather sold the ship circa 1911, I would be interested in seeing the video

I live in Simi Valley, CA by the way.

Ruth Pealer

-- Ruth Pealer (, September 26, 2003.

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