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My name is Milly Mayfield; I'm a reporter with the SF Independent newspaper and I'm working on an article about the effectiveness of street-theater protesting. These are the people who dress up like cast members of the Wizard of Oz and skip around in front of the Gap or skate around an ice rink naked and painted like leopards just to get their point across. I'm writing an article to discuss the effectiveness of this kind of protesting and uncover how it started. Why are people using street theater as a method of protesting? Can they measure its success -- is it effective? In a city where people are quick to protest things, is street theater simply a way of upping the ante to gain attention? Do people really take them seriously? Etc.

I've heard of some members of Cacophony who stalk these protestors in order to thwart their efforts and was intrigued about the reasons for this.

Therefore, if there is any member who wishes to comment for purposes of my article, I would invite you to contact me. My deadline for comment is Thursday, January 9 at 3 p.m.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards, Millicent Mayfield The Independent 415/359-2868

-- Millicent Mayfield (, January 06, 2003

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