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Dear All,

Is there anyone that know how to make a video-cd that will play on a sony dvp-s325 DVD player. I have problems making them becouse the dvd says insert media.

I also have problems when playing audio I have mande also but som of them work....

do any have a solution to the problem ?

--- Soren Knudsen

-- Soren knudsen (, January 05, 2003


This is very interesting to me because I see that you are posting from Denmark. In the USA, Sony was notorious for making DVD players that didn't support CD-R and CD-RW discs. I think that maybe this is your problem. The good news for you is that on these players, CD-RW discs work OK, so I suggest that you burn to CD-RW. Some brands of CD-R discs do work on these Sony DVD players, but they are only sold in the USA. Circuit City ( sells a brand of CD-R discs by a company called STI that do work. However, the discs are of very poor quality and you may have to burn 2 or 3 CD-Rs before you have one that works. The old Prime Peripherals brand of CD-Rs worked best on Sony DVD players, but these are not being manufactured at this time. I would recommend you burn to CD-RW. You might be able to find a brand of CD-R in Europe that works, but I have only seen reports of US brands that worked.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 06, 2003.

Why not simply trash that Sony and get a new one? With them below $200 (way below in many cases) there is simply no value anymore in trying to find which CD-R/RW media will and will not work with these blasted 1st and 2nd generation players.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 07, 2003.

Thanx for you answer,

I will say that this player is not trash becouse it do not play cd- r, this is not a quality issue.

Bu the way I have found a site that help check

Have some of you heard about princo cds ?

I have tryed CDRW and it works , thanx , but the quality on the picture is not the best but ok. Hanve some of you mande a cd with great picture quality ?

-- Soren knudsen (, January 07, 2003.

It's not trash, ok. But I'll bet on this: sooner or later you will quite simply get sick of searching for CD-R/RW media that your Sony will play and u will just buy a new player that does. I know u won't tell, though. You think u find a batch of Princo that works; no guarantee that the next batch of exactly the same brand/model of media will. At least I've been there ages ago and I'm telling u. You can't say you didn't have a toehold. Soon Soren is sorry about his Sony.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 09, 2003.

I'll just want to say a thing about princo.

They'll work, and it has been working for the last 1.5 year.

If you don't like the quality of princo try the brand vivastar, they work aswell. But remember to burn the CD:s in max 4X speed.

-- sNatch (, March 31, 2003.

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