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I recently made a VCD from an avi file using Nero-Burning ROM. The avi encodes and burns properly but when played back through my DVD player the video is inverted (backwards, up-side down, whatever!!). The sound is fine. Before making this VCD I did download and install ACE Mega Codecs Pack. Could the wrong codec be screwing up the video. Anybody got any fixes for this??

-- Mike (, January 04, 2003


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Mike: I am having exactly the same problem. Although mine did work, then all of a sudden it started to do the same thing u r talking about. I've tried re-installing NERO, using different movies, and nothing seems to work. If you have received any solution to this problem can you please email me with the response, as i will do to you...

-- Matt (, January 06, 2003.

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After some more investigating, i have found that the problem occurs before it is burnt. When NERO is performing its actions, notice how it takes about 30- 60mins to encode the .avi file. Basically it converts the .avi into an .mpg file to then be burnt. What is happening is, when the file is being encoded it is being turned upside down for some reason.... Any other news from anyone?

-- Matt (, January 07, 2003.

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I think I figured it out. The Ace Mega Codecs pack I downloaded from does work, you just have to be careful choosing which codecs to install during the installation process. When I was having the problem I went back and played the avi through my computer using Windows Media Player and while playing I click file then properties. It then tells me which audio and video codecs is being used. I was having the problem when the video was using a G400 filter. DO NOT use the Morgan Multimedia G400 filter. Apparently it is designed for a G400 graphics card. hatever that is. Also DO NOT install the Bicubic Resizer. The ACE mega codecs pack has a self installer so use the custom install and uncheck the boxes on those I mentioned. If the install process stops at a point to set preferences for the XG400 filter. Go to the bottom of the preference box and where it says something like Use filter instead of "Always" choose "Never". Windows Media Player will use another filter to play the DIVX. Incidentally this issue so far has been for DIVX avi files. Also The Ace Mega Codecs pack also installs older Microsoft ADPCM audio codec, Microsoft GSM6.10 Audio codec and Intel Indeo codec which I lost somehow when I was trying to fix this video problem. I have also been reading similar problems on the Internet installing (or losing) these older codecs for people that have Windows XP which I have. I upgraded to XP Professional. Hope this helps you folks. Let me know.

-- Mike (, January 10, 2003.

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The same thing happened to me when i tried to encode and burn a video, but i didn't install any codecs, any ideas???

-- Mel (, January 13, 2003.

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To the last post. Firstly, I use Windows XP Pro, but use the old media-player (called mplayer2 in program-file/mediaplayer) to play all avi/DivX films as it is much more flexible in terms of control and is less MS-proprietary and restrictive. If you right-click in the frame while the film is playing, select 'properties' and click on the 'advanced' tab and you'll get a list of utilities and tools used for playing (rendering) the audio and video. If you click on your video codec and then the 'properties' box, depending on what it is, you may see a 'flip' tab. Uncheck this if it exists and your film should be the correct way up again. Let this forum know if you find the fix, everyone out there appreciates your info.

-- Engelbert Postelthwaite (, March 11, 2003.

Ton film est probablement un AVI encodé en DivX 5 NERO doit donc se servir du décodeur qui se trouve dans Windows/system32 sous le nom de DIVXDEC.AX avant de réencoder en MPEG1 (VCD) ou MPEG2 (SVCD). Il faut donc mettre ce DIVXDEC.AX hors service (en le renommant OLDDIVXDEC.AX ) recommencer avec NERO. Si on supprime le décodeur DivX5, qui décode le fichier ? probablement le décodeur DivX4 qu'il faut donc avoir sur l'ordi !!!!

-- Gérard MANEL (, March 12, 2003.

can anyone read the above french msg and translate it...I have a nagging feeling that the message I can't read has the answer...

-- lmonkey (, May 01, 2003.

For that, I summon the Babelfish god... It seems that message is something near this:


Your film is probably an AVI encoded in DivX 5 NERO, thus it must use the decoder which is in Windows/system32 under the name of DIVXDEC.AX before being reencoded to MPEG1 (VCD) or MPEG2 (SVCD). Thus it is necessary to put this DIVXDEC.AX out of service (by renaming it OLDDIVXDEC.AX) and restart with NERO. But if you remove the DivX5 decoder, what will decode the file? Probably the DivX4 decoder, which would then be necessary to have installed!!!!


Now, could anyone please tell me how do I properly uninstall a decoder?.... -_-

-- Arthur, the barbarian (, May 03, 2003.

A Fix For The Inverted News item posted at 19:12 GMT by Ant Matrox have released a patch (40KB) that fixes the problem of inverted playback for Marvel G450 eTV users with a Pentium 4.

This file is to address the inverted playback issue regarding P4 systems and the Marvel G450 eTV.

Installation for Windows98/ME

Goto the directory Windows\System and replace the current file RRIcmExt.dll with this new version of the file.

Installation for Windows2000

Goto the directory WinNT\System32 and replace the current file RRIcmExt.dll with this new version of the file.

Our next release of the G450 eTV video tools will allready have this new file included so there will no longer be the need to manually replace this file."

-- soche (, September 23, 2003.

If you just want to watch the inverted video on screen mess about with the media player settings but if you want to make a cd/dvd use 'avi to mpeg' convertor, it has an invert function, then your mpeg can be burned directly to your cd/dvd

-- Bob (, December 23, 2003.

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