Oceanview/Lake in Mission Terrace

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Hello. I am researching (along with many other things) how intersection of Sagamore, Sickles, San Jose and Plymouth has changed over time. I have looked at the David Rumsey maps.

Also, a while back, LindaLou talked about the old lake in Mission Terrace. I found it on an 1873 map. It was called "Lake Geneva". Any info?

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-- Piano Man (pianoman@reno.com), January 03, 2003



Lake Geneva was definitely a part of the Outer Mission up until the early 1900 when it was drained and partially filled. Besides Geneva Avenue, the most notable reminder of its existence is Lakeview St.

The area around Lakeview St was called the Lakeview Homestead.

Good luck in your research.

-- Kurt Iversen (iversenk@aol.com), January 04, 2003.


Forgot to note that Lowenstein locates the lake at "the corner of Niagara and Delano"

-- Kurt Iversen (iversenk@aol.com), January 04, 2003.

This is probably nothing new to you, but here are a couple of resources I've found.

The Western Neighborhoods Project has an article on Oceanview that may give you some of the information you need. It does describe the area pre-freeway, bart, Alemeny St, etc. http://www.outsidelands.org/oceanview.html

Here's another article that describes some of the suburbs in 1895. In regards to Oceanview it mostly discusses water/sewer/fire, but it's still interesting. http://www.zpub.com/sf50/sf/hgsub.htm

I was at Broad and Plymouth waiting for the M today and as I looked around there seemed to be quite a few houses (and the Firestation of course) that looked like they could be from the "suburb" era.

-- Steve Wolf (swolf1625@hotmail.com), January 05, 2003.


-- re open (the@reopener.com), January 13, 2003.

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