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I have allready downloaded a lot of programs, but i still don't manage to play the mpeg files on my Samsung M205 DVD Player (who work's with VCD and MPEG 1 tecnology). Is there any software who makes these files readable on DVD players ? When I insert a CD-RW it recognizes and says VIDEO CD 1.1,I don't get it. The MPEG and AVI files run very well on my PC...

Help me please.

-- Paulo Jorge Loureiro (, January 03, 2003


Go to http:/ and look at the DVD Player Compatibility List. Your DVD player may have problems with CD-R and CD-RW discs. The list will tell you.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 06, 2003.

I had that problem also until I started burning SVCD instead of vcd..problem solved..try that!

-- victorya wilde (, January 06, 2003.

I don't have an answer, I am just trying to learn about this myself. I want to add a question to this. How does the NTSC and PAL fit into making these MPEG and AVI file useable. And is a .mpg the same as a mpeg-1 file, for example the Weezers.mpg file on the Windows 95 system disk.

-- Brian Sharp (, January 07, 2003.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- In response: PAL and NTSC are different display formats that the MPEG displays is. and a .mpg file can be either a MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 file "MPEG-3 =.mp3"

-- Jay (, January 09, 2003.

Forgot to mention. MPEG-1 files are "VCD's" and MPEG-2 files are called "SVCD's".

-- Jay (, January 09, 2003.

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