Burn VCD into TV viewable image PROBLEM!

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I am a newbie, attempting to burn a VCD from an analog camcorder feed. I have the ATI All in wonder 8500DV capture card, which seems to work well. I am able to capture the video in Ulead VideoStudio in VCD quality (352x240), but when I burn the VCD and play it in my DVD player, the image is distorted. It looks similar to when you are displaying a movie on your PC (mpeg, etc.), then you maximize the video to fit on your screen. It looks like the image was captured (or is being displayed) with the wrong aspect ratio.

Now, I know VCD's are all 352x240, but do I need to capture them at a different ratio if I intend to play them back on a standard DVD player and TV? I have searched all over the place, and haven't been able to find an answer to this simple question (maybe this just happens to me...).

Thanks for all your help. Tim

-- Tim (MAUNEYS@YAHOO.COM), January 03, 2003


Tim- I am not familiar with Uleads software, but it does sound like the ratio is set to low either in your System, your Graphics card settings or in Ulead itself.

Good Luck, KIMO

-- MR Smyth (graphix@jmj2.com), February 28, 2003.

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