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i put the jackass movie onto vcd from my pc and i played it back and watched it, half way through the picture was still great but the sound was late, so if someone speaks you hear what they say about 3 seconds after while the picture continues which is not helpful i watched it through the the avi file on my pc and it was great then tried putting vcd into pc and it was messed up, i used NERO Buring rom to make it, the file was an avi file please help thanks

p.s. i want to put a film on vcd which is an mpeg do i copy it the same way as an avi file

-- Aron Lee (, January 02, 2003


The format for VCDs is MPEG 1. If you used Nero to burn the avi file to VCD then it is converting to mpeg. Maybe the encoder (converter) it is using is not able to keep up. Is it the same if you play the vcd in a actual dvd player?

Anyway, you should be able to put the mgeg film on vcd with no problems (and probably better results).

-- Jason Van Schagen (, January 02, 2003.

No doubt you have a DivX file. There might be a bad frame in it or whoever made it simply may have botched it. Your choice is to either try to fix the DivX or get a product like MPEG2VCR/MPEGVCR and fix it on the VCD side. MPEGVCR has an option in muxing where you can move the sound forwards or backwards and it can fix just about any sync problem you have. You can buy it at You can download a copy for free of MPEGVCR. They make their money off the MPEG-1/2 editor MPEG2VCR, so the MPEG-1 only MPEGVCR is free for eval. Try it and see if it helps. has some guides on fixing sync problems on the DivX side, but it's easier to fix them on the VCD side. Take your MPEG-1 final, demux it, remux with MPEGVCR to fix the sound, and you'll be OK. MPEGVCR is supposed to cost $50, but I think the eval copy is fully functional.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), January 03, 2003.

what I have found that works best is using virtual dub 1.4 and extracting the sound and saving it as a wav file first. the when you go to encode with tmpge take the audio from the wave and you will not have any sync problems.

-- victorya wilde (, January 03, 2003.

Hi, where can I get something to fix the frames of my video file, other than Divfix? Please reply.

-- Squall Leonhart (, January 28, 2003.

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