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I have downloaded some digital video from my camcorder onto my hard drive using MGI video wave III software. I then have burnt it onto both a VCD and SVCD format and can play back but have no audio. The audio is fine when you playback on harddrive using windows media or MGI video wave, and during burning process, Nero gives you a preview option just prior to actually burning and audio is fine. It seems to be in the actual burning process that the audio dissappears. Any thoughts ?

-- Jon Holloway (, January 01, 2003


Are your speakers plugged in properly? Why don't you try the copy on a friend's computer, it maybe something wrong with your computer?

-- Jon Holloway (, January 02, 2003.

My speakers are plugged in as the sound was fine when playing back the hard drive version. I have tried it on another PC and the same problems exists

-- Jon Holloway (, January 02, 2003.

Did you check audio cable that attached to cd writer?

-- cem (, January 03, 2003.

Whether or not the audio cable is attached to the CD-writer is NOT important because it's not used when recording. Come on now. Neyin var bugun??

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 05, 2003.

I have the exact same problem. In the Nero preview video and audio are fine. But audio won't play on the finished VCD. In fact, I have narrowed it down to this: if the video clip is made using VHS output from a VCR, the sound is fine on the finished VCD. If the clip is made from my DVD player, the clip has no video on the finished VCD (although it is fine up to the point of burning the CD).

-- AK (, January 06, 2003.

had the same problem and lost a bit on the ole hairline figuring it out. The problem comes from buffering of the audio stream, computers handle it just fine, but it'll either be choppy or no sound at all on the DVD player. If you have TMPGEnc then goto "mpeg tools" and "de-multiplex" the video (don't check "padding_stream", that's what you're trying to get rid of). then "multiplex" the audio and video back up. at this point you should be good to go.

audio padding comes from VBR(variable bit rate), DVDs use CBR (constant bit rate), hence the need to pad the stream during conversion. There'll probably be an error stating that without the padding the audion will be off, but i've done it a few times and haven't had any problems. GL, an happy burning.

-- you're in luck (, January 09, 2003.

Thanks for your response. Downloaded TMPGenc 2.59 and the only settings which even had a checkbox for padding were the variable bit rate settings. The checkbox was not checked when I created a couple of .mpg files. When I tried to burn the VCD using Nero, it complained that the stream setting was not appropriate for a VCD. I burned the disk anyway and it did not work. The only setting Nero would accept without complaining was the CBR and that did not help either. I continue with no sound.

Let me know if you have any more ideas, or if I am on the wrong track (please let me know which menu options to use in this case).

-- AK (, January 11, 2003.

I had the same problem. But I burnt a VCD which had two tracks and one of the tracks has sound but the other doesn't. After this VCD none of the others has sound. Maybe I'll use CDRW in order to not burn and lose CDR's. Before the problem I installed Divx503 bundle but I'm not sure if this has something to do with the problem. It seem like something happened during the process. Still not sure what can it be.

-- Rafael Vasquez (, March 19, 2003.

This is not actually an answer because I too have the same problem:with difference. I have ediited a movie using two cameras one a PAL system and the other from an NTSC camera with the tape converted to PAL. With these two camera shots edited into a scene all the sound works in playback in Videowave111, but after burning the scenes shot by the original camera that was NTSC there is no sound. So the sound cuts in and out as views change between camera angles - any solution for that?

-- David Jones (, April 22, 2003.

This is not an answer. I tried burning SVCD and VCD using NERO In SVCD the video is very clear but no sound. In VCD the video looks ok but still no sound. I tried all the different options but still there is no sound. If any body have any solution please help me out. I was able to get sound when I used TMPG video encoder. It created an mpeg2 file which I directly burned on the CD and woala there was video and audio. But video was not as crisp as NERO.

-- Arsalan (, May 26, 2003.

K, ive been having the same problem, and i think i got it licked. I use VCD Creator (Roxio Easy CD Creator 5) to burn VCD's for my DVD player. I download AVI's and convert them to MPG using TMPGEnc. After doing quite a few and getting Audio playback on my Computer from the MPG file, and no Audio on the VCD, it finally dawned on me. VCD Creator warned me, but didnt stop me from using the MPG because the Audio layer was not the "desired" level.

** Heres where to fix this. In TMPGEnc, before u Start ripping from AVI to MPG, goto the 'Setting' tab in the bottom right corner. Now choose the 'Audio' tab, then change the stream type from "MPEG-1 Audio Layer I", to "MPEG-1 Audio Layer II"

Hope this helps, worked for me.

-- Mike (, June 04, 2003.

I have created a VCD using nero 5.5 ... Audio works great BUT there is no video. Any help would be greatlly appriciated. Thank you.

-- Spiderman (, June 10, 2003.

If you have TMPEGenc (I use TMPEGenc Plus V2.5) open your mpg file. I assume you are burning directly from mpeg. Next go to File > MPEG Tools > Simple Multiplex. Next put your mpg file name into both Video & Audio file boxes Type a name for output in the Output file box & GO!

To be fair, this is not a verified solution, only one at which I'm making an educated guess, so take it for what it's worth. If you decide to try it I would like to hear from you as to how it went. Luck


-- jw (, September 12, 2003.

can anyone help? when i burn vcd's using nero there is a big delay with the audio can anyone help me solve this?

-- nicky (, September 14, 2003.

Hi I have the same problem now. Found the messages during a search. I burn the mpeg file which is excellent with Windows Media Player using Nero. However the result on the VCD is without any audio. I'm sure someone should have solved the problem upto now. Can anybody help me?

-- Kaan Ozkan (, November 13, 2003.

This isn't an answer either. But dude, everybody's having the same problem, I, too, can burn SVCD's with perfect image quality, but without any audio whatsoever. Nero 5.5 is definitly lacking. Is this problem gone in Nero 6?

-- frank zappa (, February 05, 2004.

Did anyone get a solution to the Sound Delay problem when burning a VCD/SVCD with Nero ?? I'm using Nero 6 and I still get the problem. Thank. andy

-- andy (, February 13, 2004.

I downloaded a trial version of nero a couple of days ago and had the same problem. Go to this web site and click on the download tab to get a trial copy of their encoder. Use it to encode your video and then burn it with nero. Worked like a charm for me. ;)

-- Vampire (, April 17, 2004.

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