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Happy New Year Everyone!!!

This is the second time I'm trying this because the first try came out with an "ouch"

Christmas was nice. We opened presents on Christmas eve since Glenn had to work. I got more clothes and a coffee pot (of all things) My son gave me this really cute statue I wanted. Pocket Dragons; "I Didn't Mean to..." We weren't able to visit because a snow storm came up. Of course we couldn't sleep over if we got stuck because of the animals. We went the next day which was just as nice. No puppy or pickup though....sigh...

Finally sold those goats right before Christmas and got a better price then I expected since it was the auction. I made out on the buck I bought. Bought him for $125, bred him to 5 does, then got $127 for him. It was work getting them there though. I had to park the trailer on the driveway, then put hay twine around their necks and walk them up the icy, hill, one at a time. I tell you, horns do come in as handy handles.

My cat bit my leg the other day. He sometimes gets rough when he plays stalking but this time he seemed mean and bit me. Broke the skin and left a bruise. I think I was petting him too hard and didn't feel it because my gloves where too thick. He knew he was wrong because he cringed on my porch step waiting for me. I picked him up with by the scuff, shook him and said no. I'm afraid of him right now. Keep looking behind me. He snuck in a run behind today but I think he stopped himself remembering his scolding. Since he's an outside cat, I get him a rabies shot every year but I'm keeping an eye on him just in case.

Well, I hope all of you are well (and this post gets on)

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2003


I noticed at the end of the last fence chat that Polly's Pop had a stroke. I hope he is OK and we hear from Polly soon.

We all spent the day yesterday laying around with a cold. What a way to start the year. But feeling better today and am anxious to get back to normal now that the holidays are over.

It's been really rainy here. Cross your fingers that we don't float away. The swail that Jim made out back when we had all that dirt brought in is full and overflowing. It's more like small pond right now. We plan to plant some grass early spring, but in the meantime it's nothing but mud outside. It will be really nice to have a yard again.

The seed catalogs are beginning to pour in. I've probably received 6 in the last week or two.

Good for you Dee! I'm glad the goats worked out. Sorry about your leg though. :(

I hope everyone is happy and well!

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2003

Gee, I didn't see that last part about Polly's Pop. Hey Polly, wish your father well for me. Big Hug.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2003

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