We have not...because we ask not!

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It is customary to receive visits during the holidays from various groups of people. College students are present to worship along with famliy and friends. One of the members in the church, away attending college, was present and spoke about her church close to her campus. She was so excited and rather involved in its ministries. She even attended the young adult bible study at her new church! She was so excited that she wished to share this with her pastor back home (that's right...Parson Ray). After our discussion and her witnessing upon her new found joy, I discovered one factor which contributed in her increased involvement. Someone actually asked her to a part of the church! She is talented with the computer and excellent in accounting...she now works in the church as an officer! Back home she was viewed as "too young or not seasoned enough" for leadership. More importantly, she was not asked! Since that encounter, I have taken it upon myself to nurture and work with the young adults within our church. I am proud to say that most within the group are excited and honored to be considered for leadership positions! We now have a young adult ministry, youth church, and training boards for persons to learn church polity and history. We have...because we ask! Has anyone else ever experienced this revelation?

-- Anonymous, December 31, 2002


We use a similar model at our church. I think one of the things that we as minister have to do on a continuous basis is to evaluate our leadership styles. When I was in seminary we spent a lot of time on that aspect of ministry. Our denomination is a part of the reformed tradition, which means we believe "in the priesthood of all believers" scripture tells us we are all heirs to God's kingdom and because of Christ we have been freed from the bondage of slavery. That good news and realization then should extend to how we treat one another especially our congregation. Every member of the church no matter the age is part of God's plan for salvation. In another post I shared about one of our three year olds being a junior usher. She saw the ushers at first A.M.E and was so moved by them she wanted to be an usher. When she came back her mom told me. We are not going to wait until she is older she wants to help the church now! So she carries the collection plate now. She stands quietly during the offertory prayer. I love at all of my kids as leaders and we have one little one who is a year old and her first word was PRAISE! She sings with us and every sunday she does the sign of the cross as I do the benediction. One day she might be a pastor. Ray you are doing a great job by including the young people. Without laity there is no church. My brother keep up the good work!

-- Anonymous, December 31, 2002

Rev. Allen,

It is good to see another pastor who is excited about his work as a minister!!! It inspires me as a person when I see God's pastors excited about their work. I am going to pray that God will give you a lot of success.


-- Anonymous, January 02, 2003

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